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 CCTV七彩星球双语电视栏目开播十周年,形成独特的双语品牌,七彩星球栏目板块: English Bridge 英语桥Music Bridge 音乐桥 Journalist Bridge 记者桥Science Bridge 科学桥 School Bridge 校园桥Star Bridge 明星桥,七彩星球国际综艺盛典搭建中国和世界少年偶像明星的桥梁,属于全世界中学生的综艺盛典, 是一部献给世界少年的电视百科全书。



青青姐姐 Sister Qing Qing 

恒星哥哥阿尔法 Aerfa 

星球宝贝牟桥  Mu Qiao 

天王星Nickris 双龙兄弟


CCTV Colorful Planet TV Show Logo

CCTV Colorful Planet TV Show Logo is a planet with green buds and a combination of many colors.

Together with Colorful Planet TV Show, the students can spend a beautiful and colorful time in school; On CCTV Colorful Planet TV Show, the students can achieve their dreams; We love our green planet and the earth, and we also love Colorful Planet TV Show.

Colorful Planet TV Show Overview

The Colorful Planet TV Show began broadcasting on June 1st , 2006, now it is 10th anniversary,giving birthing a new and vivid appearance of TV Show, fiercely launching a series of TV encyclopedia for the Chinese youth and reacting a magnificent learning opportunity for the youth lifts youthful audience. The Colorful Planet TV Show is an encyclopedia for children.With the debut on TV, with great success and creativitythe Colorful Planet was congratulated by CCTV, and itOverseas Channel. Colorful Planet also received praise and congratulations from the state administration by TV, Film  as well as many CCTV leaders and management stuff. From the concept of the show to its entirement, it successfully received sufficient affiliation of all levels and insiders of TV industry. Speaking of the crisis of childrens TV Show in China, the importance of Colorful Planet is obvious and gives hope to this field of the TV industry. 

At the same time, Leaders believe TV Programs with an educational purpose in the Childrens TV industry is what the workers in this field call for. Producing this type of program requires courage, a kind-hearted and persistent mindset, as well as a passion for childrens education. The originality an unique design of Colorful Planet TV Show as a feature program separates it from any preexisting program of its kind. Children need more than a beautiful inspiration guidance, and provoke their thinking in order to establish confidence to overcome obstacle, to not fear setbacks and ultimately to greet a new century of challenges. The Colorful Planet TV Show conforms to 21st century Children themed purposeful TV Show. The Children TV showis produced not only for children, but also for adults for removed from childhood to recollect the beautiful and happy memories from childhood.

The Colorful Planet TV Show Format


The Colorful Planet TV Show has gradually formed a unique and special style in the realm of Childrens TV accumulating an abundance of creative superiority, leaving a lasting impression on the hearts of the youth and becoming one of the most popular TV show among the youth. Colorful Planet is a TV show full of diverse educational information encyclopedia dedicated to the youth.

Aimed at the dynamic thinking of middle school students, who possess the ability to think independently, The Colorful Planet TV Show focusing on a different theme using a fast-paced filming technique and multi-angle dimension camera techniques. The Colorful Planet TV Show 

use 3D animation other animation techniques, and artistic formats as a foundation, combining technique, and artistic formats as a foundation, combining science and animation to create a feature program all in one, making Colorful Planet a unique artistic structure propelling the excitement of its audience.

Origin of idea,

In accordance with the chemistry between Colorful Planets Sino-American production team, Colorful Planet will feature star hosts, hostess Sister Qingqing and American host make up the Colorful Planet Bridge family. Colorful Planet TV Show achieved its position as a successful program,such as CCTVs Spring Festival, Colorful Planets international talent display was featured multiple times on CCTV channels 1-4, as well as international channels abroad. Additionally, Colorful Planet was named as the most acclaimed program with the most sought after TV stars. Thus, Colorful Planet received support from TV colleagues abroad and established an office in USA in preparation for a Sino-American multilingual TV program.

Program Bridges modules

1 English Bridge- English set up the bridge of friendship for middle school students of the world.

2 Chinese Bridge for American Schools.

3 Music Bridge - Music set up the bridge of friendship for middle school students of the world

4 Journalist Bridge-News set up the bridge of friendship for middle school students of the world. 

5 Science Bridge-Science set up the bridge of friendship for middle school students of the world.

6 School Bridge-The Bridge connecting the middle school between China and US.

7 Star Bridge-The bridge connecting idols between China and America.

International Gala -An international entertainment gala between China and America.

  The Colorful Planet TV Show is produced by both Chinese and American dancersdirectors and choreography. Chinese Hostess Qingqing and American Host are filming a scene for the Sino-US cultural classic scenes ( USA in Disney land and Hollywood China in the Great Wall ) , beautiful and humorously tells the story of Chinese and American cultures . Colorful Planet theme song on CCTV show, both Chinese and English vision is the most popular programs, the most chart-topping hit and the most HOLD live audience show. The colorful planet music is very popular on CCTV Spring Festival GalaThe Juvenile star Journalist is talent, scholastic ability , but also a wise, tireless, dedicated to art . Alfa (Brother Hengxing), Mu Qiao (Baby Star), Guan Yixiang (Shooting Star Xiao La), Kai Keer Manni (Prince Mars), Wang Yiming (Baby Venus) Nickris (Uranus) Yang Ke Rui(Mercury) are theJuvenile hosts for Colorful Planet. Star Bridge between China and the United States to build bridges teenager idols and TV Junior StarWith Colorful Planet TV Show Chinese and US production team cooperation, everywhere appears the tacit understanding.Accompanied by Colorful Planet TV Show, the valiant and heroic Junior all over the world hand in hand , and realize their dreams .Colorful Planet,our Planet, We love Colorful Planet.






   《七彩星球》栏目2006年6月1日开播,带来耳目一新的勃勃生机,中国少年电视百科全书的火热推出,为少年打造一场视觉与听觉上的华美盛宴,七彩星球栏目走过了十年的历程,迎来了开播十周年庆典,形成独特的双语品牌,它是一部少年的电视百科全书。 《七彩星球》 开播后,《人民日报》,《光明日报》,《北京晚报》,中央电视台海外频道等对《七彩星球》表示祝贺,得到国家广电总局、中央电视台领导为《七彩星球》致贺词,从节目立意到总体把握得到各级领导和业内人士的充分肯定,他们从中国儿童电视面临的危机谈到《七彩星球》开播的重要性,并感到欣慰。共同指出:“有教育意义的少年专题节目是我们儿童电视工作者所呼吁的,做这类的节目的确需要勇气,需要善良和执着的精神和对儿童教育的热爱,尤其是《七彩星球》专题纪录片的原创性和独特构思比以往的儿童节目更上一个台阶,少年儿童需要的不只是一个个美丽的童话,更重要的是要给他们一个完整的世界,有欢乐有苦难,更需要通过我们的少年节目给予启发,引导和思索,树立起战胜困难的信心,不怕挫折,迎接新世纪的各种挑战。《七彩星球》是符合世界主旋律的一档有意义的双语节目。儿童电视节目不只是给孩子们看,也给远离童年的成年人回忆起美好的童年,也觉得有回味。《七彩星球》开播十年来,已经逐渐形成了独特的双语栏目风格,在少年电视方面积累了丰富的创作优势,深深走入世界少年的心灵深处,成为世界少年最喜欢的品牌栏目之一。七彩星球栏目中外主持人默契合作,播出后受到领导的好评和儿童的赞赏, 并多次在中央一套二套三套四套和海外频道重播;双语完成“汉语桥——美国校长访华之旅”世界汉语大会中英文专题节目,对许嘉璐副委员长,陈至立副委员长,国务委员刘延东以及美国大学理事会主席做了独家专访,得到世界名人的好评。

       CCTV七彩星球双语电视栏目开播十周年,形成独特的双语品牌,七彩星球栏目板块: English Bridge 英语桥Music Bridge 音乐桥 Journalist Bridge 记者桥Science Bridge 科学桥 School Bridge 校园桥Star Bridge 明星桥,七彩星球国际综艺盛典搭建中国和世界少年偶像明星的桥梁,属于全世界中学生的综艺盛典, 是一部献给世界少年的电视百科全书。

 主持人:美丽温婉的双语主持人管青(青青姐姐),阿尔法(恒星哥哥)、牟桥 (星球宝贝)、  王一鸣(金星小宝)Nick Kris双龙兄弟 Kristofer Emerson Niepert (海王星)Nicholas Alexander Nieper(  天王星),水星哥哥杨珂瑞为七彩星球栏目少年明星主持人,中央电视台春晚七彩星球贺新年被评为最受欢迎的节目和最HOLD住全场的明星。

CCTV 七彩星球双语电视栏目
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